About Us

Youth Catalyst-Pakistan(YCP) is a non-for-profit, non-governmental and non-politicalorganization established in 2009, registered under the Societies Act 1961 in 2010. It is also a registered member of National Trust for Population Welfare (NATPOW), Government of Pakistan.

YCP is operating and functioning in the less covered and neglected rural, urban and semi urban locations of Pakistan serving the less privileged and neglected segments of society. It prefers investing in the youth by building its capacities and giving it a clear sense of direction. It stands firm to protect the rights of the less privileged and resource poor communities across Pakistan by implementing tailor-made developmental programs in order to help eradicate the menace of poverty. Building local capacities, especially young women and men, in range of areas that ensures the target beneficiaries earn better living and improve their quality of life. It works in areas such as inclusive education, health, livelihoods, gender development and empowerment, environmental protection, disaster managementand ensures democratic rights, good governance, skills harnessing, etc.

YCPstrongly believes in investing in youth (since youth constituting 60 percent of the entire population). Youth has the potential to translate and transform the existing social, economic and political systems into a social pattern that is dynamic, multi-dimensional and multi-faceted thus fits to the conditions of the marginalized populations, especially at the grassroots levels. YCP therefore will continue to supplement the efforts of government and the civil society organizations to create a truly supportive and welfare state.

The YCP programsare consistent with its vision, mission, goal and objectives that strengthen the socio-economic and political bonds thus boost up the confidence of deprived communities. It has adopted logical and workable approaches to address serious developmental concerns and reach out to hamlets, villages, districts and provinces to serve people awaiting our attention. Since its inception, YCP’s centre of attention has been empowering the less developed community; especially youth, through integration, inclusion and mainstreaming.


We aspire to see Pakistan a vibrant, entrepreneurial and developed society where all people have equal and equitable access to opportunities necessary for growth and improved living standards.


Creating a society where socio-economic, cultural, political and democratic atmosphere is highly congenial and people-centred.


Facilitating the under privileged communities to improve their living standards and gain excellence by the adoptionof appropriate ways and means to empower themselves by investing in human capitaland channelizing talents in ways they become catalysts and change agents.


The specific objectives are to:

    • enable the target communities to meet their basic needs by enhancing their work quality, increase chances of searching and finding alternate sources of livelihood
    • organize and empower target communities and ensure their active participation in planning, decision making, implementing, managingand controlling their own development
    • facilitate and develop mechanisms and systems that guarantee to sustainability


Our strategy is to remain pro-active with innovative ideas and involve local communities and other important stakeholders in all developmental processes to provide greater access to developmental opportunities. YCP is committed to direct its resources towards serving the neglected segments of society, especially the young women and men, thus enable them to become the major recipients of intended and anticipated benefits.


We opt for bringing meaningful and logical changes in the systems and behavioral pattern in order to serve the aspirations of deprived children; women and men hence replace the handicaps of extreme poverty and vulnerability with that of prosperity and sustainability.


Our employees and members are considered to be effective workforce and intellectual capital. Our core values are based on mutual respect, ethical obligations and professional approaches that have been derived from the local cultures, customs, and traditions and are consistent with global knowledge.


YCP will apparently ensure the occurrence of good governance by:

    • having a clear mission, strategies, organizational structure and decision-making processes;
    • acting in accordance with stated values and agreed procedures;
    • ensuring that programs accomplish results that are consistent with the mission, goals and objectives;
    • reporting on the outcomes in an accurate manner;
    • having written policy manuals as guides and roadmaps;
    • conducting effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects; and
    • sharing necessary and accurate information with all important stakeholders.