Secretary Health KP Visits Permanent Immunization Centre Aza Khel Bala, Nowshera
  Thursday, October 22, 2015 News

October 11, 2015 Nowshera: “Rotary’s initiative of establishing community-based Permanent Immunization Centres surely plays an important role in supplementing Polio eradication efforts as well as in strengthening the routine immunization services”, said by Mr. Mushtaq Jadoon, Secretary Health Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on his visit to Permanent Immunization Centre Aza Khel Bala Nowshera. “Serving general patients, providing vaccination services and a platform for extensive networking and coordination mechanism at grass-roots level are the key areas where Rotary has been supporting the Key Polio Partners through this initiative in Nowshera”, he further added. Mr. Mushtaq Jadoon was accompanied by Dr. Akbar Khan, EOC Coordinator KP, Dr. Imtiaz, Technical Focal Person KP, Dr. Muhammad Ali Kamil, Provincial Team Leader – WHO, Dr. Arshad, DHO Nowshera and other officials. Barrister Rauf Rohaila Zonal Coordinator PNPPC and PP Tayyaba Gul represented Rotary International on this occasion. 

Before his visit to Permanent Immunization Centre Aza Khel Bala, Secretary Health KP Mr. Mushtaq Jadoon presided a high level meeting at District Health Office Nowshera. During the meeting, DHO Nowshera presented district updates on on-going SNID and area specific strategies and approaches to overcome the challenges making all SIAs activities successful endeavors to reach all the target children in the district. Secretary Health appreciated the district government and Key Polio Partners while stressed on having main focus on covering Not Available (NA) / Missed Children in the district. Secretary Health was also briefed on AFP Surveillance.

Rauf Rohaila and Tayyaba Gul both elaborated the ongoing projects of PNPPC in district Nowshera i.e. Pakistan Rotary Polio Resource Centre and e-Monitoring through Cellphone. Mr. Jadoon well appreciated the implementation methodology designed and adopted by PNPPC and its partner organization YCP in district Nowshera and showed his satisfaction over the progress so far. “the implementation methodology of e-Monitoring project and achievements so far seem satisfactory and should be replicated to all other Union Councils of the district”, he further said.

Dr. Akbar Khan EOC Coordinator KP also inaugurated Permanent Immunization Centre and joined the Frontline Polio Workers along with District Health Officer Dr. Arshad in the field to administer polio drops to the target children.

Barrister Rauf Rohaila and PP Tayyaba Gul both thanked the honorable guests, on behalf of Rotary International, for their visit and appreciation.