YCP Team Engaged in Relief & Rehabilitation Activities in Bajaur Agency (FATA)
  Monday, December 14, 2015 News

YCP Team Engaged in Relief & Rehabilitation Activities in Bajaur Agency (FATA)

November 29, 2015

BAJAUR KHAR: With the generous support of YCP Members and Friends, distribution of 200 quilts were made possible among the affectees of recent earthquake in Bajaur Agency. In collaboration with Pak Army and Political Administration, series of such activities have been carrying out in the affected Tehsils of this war-torn and conflict-porn region of the sub continent. Leaving more than 272 dead and 1909 persons injured an earthquake of the magnitude of 7.5 jolted Pakistan on 26th October 2015 besides other dreadful losses particularly in KP & FATA regions. Initial assessments showed that Shangla District and Bajaur Agency were the most worst hit areas with highest death tolls, injuries and miscellaneous damages. Considering the need, Pakistan National PolioPlus Committee, Rotary International and YCP designed a relief and rehabilitation plan for these affected people/families.

Besides the provision of Non-food items (NFIs), YCP Team and Volunteers are also extending their support to organize Rotary Health Camps in the target areas. Bajaur Scouts is leading the overall role in managing these free camps with Rotary provided medicines and YCP volunteers are involved in selecting the venues and to mobilize the target community members.

November 26: A Rotary Health Camp was organized at Lagharai High School Bajaur near
Pak-Afghan border. During the camp, the following number of beneficiaries were served with free medicines & vaccinations:




General patients (OPD)


Children vaccinated against Polio


Children vaccinated against other diseases


Pregnant women vaccinated (T.T)


Total Beneficiaries: 3426


November 28: A quilts distribution event was organized in collaboration with Bajaur Scouts and Political Administration. Quilts, donated by YCP members and friends were distributed among 55 beneficiaries identified by community elders from Tehsil Utman Khel. Meanwhile, the rest of 145 quilts were handed over to Bajaur Scouts to distribute in other earthquake hit Tehsils during upcoming planned Rotary Health Camps.

All the stakeholders, including Pak Army, political administration, tribal elders and beneficiaries were grateful to both Rotary and YCP for this extended support. For restoring peace and greater harmony in the region, such initiatives definitely poses a ray of hope for giving a meaningful life to those who have been leading largely insignificant lives in the periphery areas of FATA.