Religious Clerics leading the Rotary Health Camp in Nowshera
  Monday, December 14, 2015 News

Religious Clerics leading the Rotary Health Camp in Nowshera

November 21, 2015


NOWSHERA: Renowned religious scholar Mufti Shoukat Ullah and his companions participated actively in Rotary Health Camp held today at BHU Rashakai Nowshera. Motivating the community members and health workers Mufti Shoukat emphasized elimination of misconceptions among some of the segments against Polio vaccination. PP Tayyaba Gul was also present on the occasion. 

Religious clerics lead the overall management and participated in different individual and group discussions with parents and children as a part of social mobilization and advocacy for Polio awareness and to create community demand for vaccination facilitated by YCP Team. The camp started at 9:00am and ended at 2:00pm. During the camp, the following number of patients were served with free medicines & vaccinations:



General patients


Children vaccinated against Polio


Children vaccinated against other diseases


Pregnant women vaccinated (T.T)


Total Beneficiaries: 395

During the camp, Social Mobilization Session on Health & Hygiene Promotion and Importance of Immunization & Vaccination was also conducted by PP Tayyaba Gul and team with both female beneficiaries. The participants were oriented properly how to ensure their active role to supplement polio eradication efforts and to strengthen routine immunization in their area.