Lady Health Workers Vow to Support e-Monitoring Project in Nowshera
  Tuesday, December 15, 2015 News

Lady Health Workers Vow to Support e-Monitoring Project in Nowshera

November 30, 2015 2:00 PM


NOWSHERA: e-Monitoring through Cellphone Project has been running smoothly in district Nowshera and analysis of daily and monthly data submitted by health workers from Nowshera, comparing to other districts of the country, highlights the significant results achieved so far. District Health Office and National Program for Family Planning & Primary Health Care personals always appreciate the efficient methodology adopted by Youth Catalyst-Pakistan to run the said project in Nowshera.


Coordination among the Health Workers remains the key factor behind all success and YCP team has been ensuring the same through SMS on daily basis and Monthly Coordination Meetings among Health Workers and YCP Team. Regular support and coordination result in constant reporting by health workers and on the other hand their supervisors (LHS) monitor their reporting in the field on regular basis.


On November 19, 2015, at Permanent Immunization Centre Kabul River, Monthly e-Monitoring Coordination Meeting with 61 Lady Health Workers and LHS was organized. Some of the LHWs shared their issues in submitting their reports and support was provided to them on the spot by Program Manager and LHV of YCP. Though, there are some specified changes required to be made on the backend database as well as to ensure efficient systems and mechanisms to avoid any server downtime which causes delay in the reporting. Moreover, e-Monitoring reports should be in line with National Program reporting formats so the reporting patterns are not contradicted.


At the end, the available health workers were compensated with monthly communication charges while for those who couldn’t attend the meeting, the compensation was handed over to their supervisors. This compensation fulfils their financial requirement for mobile phone balance making the LHWs fully equipped with all the required resources so they could utilize their cell phones properly for e-Monitoring.


The objective of changing traditional practice from submitting reports in hard towards in soft has been achieved in the target UCs and now the focus is needed to replicate and upscale the same approach to other remaining UCs as per recently recommended by Secretary Health KP, District Health Office Nowshera and other stakeholders.