Inauguration of Nutrition Services at Permanent Immunization Centre Bara Banda, Nowshera
  Tuesday, December 15, 2015 News

Inauguration of Nutrition Services at Permanent Immunization Centre Bara Banda, Nowshera

Reported by: P.P Tayyaba Gul


Nowshera, November 13, 2015: Provision of integrated services of vaccination and nutrition to the target group of children and mothers has been initiated today at Permanent Immunization Centre Bara Banda Nowshera. This was proposed on district level by YCP, an implanting partner of PNPPC in district Nowshera, and very kindly approved by District Health Officer Dr. Arshad Ahmed Khan, Provincial Nutrition Coordinator Ms. Salma Khatoon and District Nutrition Coordinator Ms. Saima Riaz. “We do believe to get the desired results of both vaccination and nutrition through this integrated initiative at Bara Banda”, said by District Nutrition Coordinator, Saima Riaz during her visit to the centre. DNC has officially deputed a Nutrition Assistant (NA) at the centre having all nutrition related materials and resources, who’ve started the provision of services to the target group of women and children today. 

“Provision of all basic primary health care services to mothers and children under one-roof will bring a positive impact on polio eradication efforts also and together we can achieve better outcomes in such collaborations”, shared by Rtn. Tayyaba Gul while talking with DNC and others on telephone. “Integrated services of Vaccination and Nutrition help coverage of target children against Polio and in creating demand for vaccination” said by Union Council Medical Officer (UCMO), Khalid Khan. Representatives of WHO, COMNet (UNICEF) and EPI were also present on this occasion and appreciated the initiative while ensuring their full cooperation and support.  

PIC Bara Banda being already declared as a Fixed Centre to supplement all SIAs activities and to strengthen routine immunization services and now on wards, free medical check-up & provision of medicines, all types of vaccinations integrated with nutrition services will be provided to the target group of mothers and children.